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What Sets Us Apart

It's not just career coaching that we offer. We take executive coaching to a personal level because we believe that if you find fulfillment in your life, then you will also find it in your work. Our consulting services offer a personal, hands-on approach to ensure successful outcomes.

What You Can Expect

Whether you're seeking a promotion, a new career direction, or more work-life balance, we provide the support and guidance you need. We coach and council executive clients with individual programs. We offer a variety of consulting services from one-time strategic projects to longer-term initiatives.

Meet Our Founder, Melissa Maher

Melissa Maher is a forward-thinking strategist with many years of industry experience. She established Pinnacle Enterprises Group to share our knowledge with our clients and provide them with innovative and tailored consulting services.

A Strategic Thought Leader With Your Best Interest in Mind

Be on top of your game as an individual or organization with Melissa Maher. As a forward-thinking coach and consultant, she offers insight and support to help improve your performance and achieve your goals in your specific professional endeavors. Check out Melissa’s credentials today, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Find Out How We Help Business Leaders​

Take a closer look at the tailored coaching programs, hospitality consulting, and public speaking services that we offer.