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Executive Leadership Excellence Program

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Welcome to the Executive Leadership Excellence Program

The Executive Leadership Excellence Program is for you if you want to improve your executive presence and increase your confidence. It’s also for you if you would you like techniques for influencing others and managing stakeholders with finesse. In this program, you will build the skills to strategically advocate for yourself and master negotiation skills to confidently navigate high-stakes situations.
This program is designed for executives looking to expand their skill set to be more effective leaders. It’s ideal for seasoned professionals who want to extend their core knowledge and drive growth – both personally and professional.
  • Enhanced Leadership Skills
  • Improved Executive Presence
  • Increased Confidence as a Leader
  • Greater Influence and Stakeholder Management
  • Enhanced Adaptability and Innovation
  • Effective Communication and Negotiation Skills
  • Increased Self-Advocacy and Network Abilities


This leadership program focuses on three critical leadership areas: Leadership Foundations, Leading a Team, and Leading the Business. Below are the key topics in each section:

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Section 1: Leadership Foundations

 In Leadership Foundations, executives will embark on a transformative journey spanning three modules. From mastering personal branding to honing executive presence, communication, and self-advocacy skills, participants will elevate their image, influence, and online presence. Join us to craft an authentic personal brand, communicate effectively in the digital age, and build powerful relationships for success in today’s business landscape.

Leadership Foundations courses include:

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Elevate Your Executive Image
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Confident Communication and Non-Verbal Impact
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Raise Your Executive Influence
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Section 2: Leading a Team

In Leading a Team, executives will undertake a revolutionary journey across three essential modules. From uncovering authentic leadership and building confidence and growth to mastering influence dynamics and stakeholder management, participants will emerge as adept and confident leaders. Join us to lead effectively at all levels, cultivate peer relationships, and embrace authenticity while setting boundaries for personal and organizational success.

Leading a Team courses include:

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Cultivate Authenticity, Confidence and Growth as a Leader
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Strategies for Consensus Building
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Navigate Up, Down and Around
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Section 3: Leading the Business

In Leading the Business, executives will explore three dynamic modules designed to equip them with essential skills for thriving in today’s changing landscape. From mastering persuasive communication to fostering inclusivity, adapting to change, and crafting strategic business cases, participants will excel in high-stakes situations and influence decision-makers effectively. Join us to enhance communication, adaptability, and stakeholder management abilities while mastering storytelling for impactful deal closures.

Leading the Business courses include:

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Harness the Art of Persuasive Communication
adaptation icon in white color and small size
Lead in Uncertain Times and Foster Innovation
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Master Fundamentals and Strategies

Course Details

DURATION – Four months of bi-weekly, 90-minute virtual coaching modules, starting in April 2024.

COHORT – Learn alongside an intimate cohort of like-minded executives, led by Melissa Maher.

PRICE – $4,995 per person. Installments available if needed.

For more information or to book an inquiry call with Melissa, email